Sunday, December 7, 2008

Spring 2009 Students

Dear Spring 2009 students,
This class is actually very helpful and applicable in real world situations. Taking the assignments in this class seriously will help you in the long run because you will most likely have to use all of the skills or documents later in life. Just like in other classes, in order to do well in this class I would recommend keeping up on your work and not procrastinating. Especially with the client project, since it is a group project, time management is extremely key in doing well. However, all the assignments are important so if you do have any questions Professor Rogers is more than willing to help you out. Stay after class, email her or set up an appointment for extra help because not only will it help unsure you a good grade in the class, but you will use these skills or even the specific document you make (for example the resume) in the near future. Technology is also incorporated in the course, however nothing is too difficult, not even for me and I am almost incompetent in technology. However if you attend class on the days that she explains the process for the blogs and online portfolios you should be fine. She explains it step by step and she allows you to bring your laptops to follow along, or ask questions. This course is not extremely difficult, but is extremely beneficial. I highly recommend you take every assignment seriously because it will only help you in the long run. Good luck!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Client Project Reflection

This project has been a positive experience because I think that every aspect of this project can be applicable in the real world. I have enjoyed it because I know the skills we have practiced and the professionalism we have used will help us in the long run. I have learned from my team member, we made a poster so we had to incorporate creativity, which I lack, so I have enjoyed watching and learning from my group ways to make the poster aesthetically pleasing. This best thing about this project is being able to advertise for the YMCA, becuase it is an obvious need and they are a great organization for the community. I think our biggest problem was group communication and being able to have everyone at all of our meetings. Everyone is so busy and has such different schedules, it is hard to work on group projects. I guess in the future, I would try to meet early to make sure everyone can make the meetings.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Nike Ad - Dual Coding Theory

The most effective ads use dual code theory, which use all three of the cognitive systems. The ad activates the audience to use language processing, visual processing and then makes it where the audience will connect the two. In the photo the eye is drawn toward the door frame and it is framed in red. Then, the eye connects this visual to the red writing on the wall. The motto on the wall is associated with sports and then connects the door frame to an opening in a gym. The ad is for Nike and it makes the general public "believe" (since that is what is written in the inside of the door), that if you want to practice like a champion, and be a champion, you should invest in Nike. This ad incorporates dual coding very well, and Nike has already proven to have very effective ads.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Mock Interview Reflection

I know that this interview was a mock interview and the purpose behind it was a learning experience to better prepare us for future interviews in the actual working world, but I was nervous. When I walked in I guess not knowing what to expect, or having no way to prepare for what questions were going to be asked because everything is unknown made it stressful. I simply took a deep breath and then took my time answering the questions. I thought about them before I started to answer so I wouldn't studder because I knew that would make me more nervous. As far as the questions asked, most questions did not throw me off. The only one that did was at the end I was asked if I had any questions. I quickly answered, "no" because I wanted the experience over because it made me so nervous. But, now looking back I realize I should at least have a few questions so that I show some interest in the position. I think it reflects positively on you if you are inquisitive. Now I know, next time I will prepare ahead of time for that. Overall, I did learn a lot from this mock interview. I know a little bit more about what sort of questions to expect. I also know that coming with a well prepared resume and cover letter is always a booster. I also think that knowing the company before going and using specific information to them in your answers is helpful as well. I think either way I will be nervous about my interview for my first teaching job, but I do think that this mock interview has helped me become more prepared.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Cover Letters (For week of September 14)

I feel most of the website was very helpful when it came to creating an effective website. I loved that fast that they stressed how each cover letter needs to be specific to the company you are applying. They mentioned that when people send out hundreds of cover letters at a time that all they are doing is setting themselves up for failure. The cover letter is directed to the company, and they mentioned that this letter is about them and not you. The resume will provide your information, so the cover letter is a time to build up the company. I think that that bit of infomation is most important to keep in mind for future cover letters. There was one portion of the cover letter website that I did not agree with. They feel writing a hand written P.S. message at the end of the letter is a good idea. I think that this may take away from the professionalism in some cases and should only be used in interviews that are more informal. I was not aware that most interviewers look at the resume first. They don't pay attention to the cover letter until after your resume "passes," but that may be the deciding factor afterwards though.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Good Presentations (Free Write)

I have taken a communication class so it was familiar to me how to effectively keep an audience's attention when giving a presentation. Having an attention getter, and then organizing your speech well with clarity are obvious important factors when speaking to a large group. However, I was not aware of the important elements that should be included when giving a more formal business presentation. I know that everyone should be competent in this area, because even me being an elementary school teacher, odds are I will have to present new information to my authorities or fellow staff members. The power point is such a great tool for giving this sort of information because it keeps you organized and it focuses your audience. Neatness is a quality that everyone should strive for, which is why I think the parallel bullets are so important. Keeping them alligned is commonly used, but I know I have even neglected to keep the lines written in the same fashion and at the same length. Keeping these lines concise with limited text will help the audience stay on track, but will also make what you are saying important becuase not all the information is on the slides. Another quality we discussed in class that a good presentation will have is a handout that the audience can take with them to remind them of your speech. I agree with this, but I do think that it is best to hand this out at the end of your presentation becuase otherwise your audience may turn you off and only rely on the handout to receive the information you are presenting. So, after last class I firmly believe that all the elements of an effective presentation are important and must be focused on before presenting and I feel it will help us in the future.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Direct vs Indirect

I was working at Rockhoppers Restaurant and my boss would only use direct language. I understand that managers are busy and they want to get their point accross without wasting anytime, but I feel bosses should incorporate indirect language as well. He would make threats about being late or having good costumer service, but there was never a mention of positive encouragement. He would post notices about the servers needing to cash out after they cleaned their sections, but never acknowledged when the servers would do this and have their section completely clean. As a result, he was not well liked and the work environment was not a positive one. So, in conclusion both methods (direct/indirect) are useful, but should be balanced.